Imiuswi Aborigine

Yeah, Yall

Beady Beats Music

Beady Beats Music is an independent record label invested in delivering high-end hip hop. Procuring the prolific over the profane, mind food over head slop, Beady Beats Music curates and delivers classic representations of a global art form.

Aboriginal, indigenous, earth people- global citizens- entitled lands of recent and past homestead

Message Music

Imiuswi Aborigine writes, produces, births and blazes trail. Her beats and rhymes have banged in many forms. From rockin' with a dj and a microphone to front woman for live ensembles, Imiuswi delivers fire. Energetic performance is backed up by a deep well of lyricism and colorful black thought. 

Arts and entertainment merge with culture and politics.

Literary Lyrics Project

Imiuswi Aborigine is a continuing contributor to the Literary Lyrics Project. Publishing a volume of writings released in conjunction with a live studio album entitled, Uprising, Imiuswi Aborigine's work elevates the hip hop artform to heights consistent with its intelligent, rebel roots.


Music Connection Magazine

"avoids the bling and boast formula for a higher consciousness product"

Ray Cavanaugh


"these rhymes are no odes to bling and booty. They instead address those grand concepts of injustice and revolution, while eschewing the utterance of uncouth words."


"I am Imiuswi Aborigine's biggest fan!"

Lost Angels Found

16 tracks of Underground hip hop fire 

Written and produced by Imiuswi Aborigine, featuring Shaka Man, Edward Dreadai Ramirez, Beej of B.U. and the late Trevy Felix of Boom Shaka. 

A Beady Beats Music Recording Project 

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